Sprachreise Wales – November 2019

On October 5th we went to Swansea
and in the evening we drunk some tea.
On the first day we met our host family
and they were very friendly.
Our family served fish and chips
and after that we ate some crisps.
The second day was very nice,
because we met our school guides.
Also we’ve done a photo quiz
and I did it with my friend Chris.
On the 3rd day we went to Cardiff
and we had a stunning view from the cliff.
The 4th day was very cool,
because we went to school.
Then we went to the beach and what did we find
plastic, wood, and shells of different kind.
On the last day I packed my bag only reluctantly,
because I had to say ‘good bye’ to my host family.
Then we went to London,
where I went to London Dungeon.
At the Dungeon a woman scared me
and I screamed very loudly.
We took the ferry one more time,
this is the final rhyme.

Autor Gedicht: Dustin Merkel (9c)
Beitrag Zeichnung: Lukas Langer (9c)

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